Now I don’t have to answer people’s question about the swelling on my eyelids. Thank you Dr Pankaj for complete cure of chalazion.

Mrs. MR, 48 yrs old housewife from new Mumbai visited with his son Mr. RR in the month of February 2017. After experiencing cure in skin infection, Mr. RR got his mother for treatment of the chalazion on her right upper eyelid.

Mrs. MR was suffering from chalazion since 5 months. It started as a soft swelling which later on got hard in consistency. Earlier she misjudged it as stye but later on as it did not disappear; Mrs. MR started worrying about it. Every one used to ask her about this swelling and she was tired of answering such questions. 

So she started taking allopathic medicines from her family physician. When two months of treatment did not work, physician asked her to go for surgery or start homeopathy treatment for the same. As she had seen her son Mr. RR’s skin infection getting cured with treatment at Imperial Homeopathy, she also decided to start it for her chalazion.

During her first consultation with Doctor, all the details were noted related to her chalazion, appetite, thirst, digestion, sleep, personality analysis, past medical history, family medical history. Physical examination of the chalazion was done. Based on the case study she was given 4 weeks medicines.

During her second visit in March 2017, she reported that there is no change in the size of swelling but the consistency has become soft. She added that earlier she had problems in falling asleep but after starting medicines she sleeps within 10-15 minutes and the quality of sleep has improved. Again she was given one month medicine.

Gradually the swelling got softer and the size reduced completely after 4 months of treatment. During her visit in the month of June 2017 she was seen smiling while giving feedback. She said that she hated answering people’s question about this swelling and was not ready to undergo surgery. She further thanked doctor and added that she is now so much relieved after complete cure of her chalazion in just four months.