Facts and Myths

Myth: Homeopathy is slow in action.

Fact: Homeopathy can give results within few minutes in acute diseases. In chronic diseases it may take one to three weeks to show initial positive results. Time taken for recovery in a chronic disease depends upon following factors

a)    Duration of illness – Longer the duration, longer may be the time to see initial positive results. E.g. asthma since 20 yrs may take minimum 4 weeks to show positive results as compared to asthma since 5 years which may take 1-2 weeks.

b)    Extent and severity of disease – If existing disease has not involved various other body systems then it may prolong positive results. E.g PCOS (poly-cystic-ovarian-syndrome, a hormonal disease in females) if it has not lead to involvement of various other systems like under active thyroid, obesity, skin diseases etc then such cases respond faster to homeopathic treatment.   

c)    Age and general health of the patient. – Young adults, kids, person with no pre existing diseases (like Diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure etc) respond faster to homeopathy.

d)    Complications or side effects of previous medication. – Some times when patient takes conventional medicines for longer time and develop a complex disease with aggravated original disease and side effects of conventional medications added to it. Such conditions take time to respond. If the existing disease is not suppressed by the conventional medicines, it does not take long to show positive results.

Talking about chronic disease, it is a natural process which starts gradually in body. So the recovery with homeopathy also starts gradually (nature’s way to cure). E.g. If a person is detected having deficiency of hemoglobin (iron) and starts eating natural diet for this, hemoglobin does not increases overnight. Body, in nature’s way, takes minimum one month to increase iron content of body.

Myth: Homeopathic and allopathic medicines cannot be taken together.

Fact: Homeopathic and allopathic medicines can be taken together either for same disease or in different diseases.

E.g. If a person is taking conventional medicines for diabetes with no much amelioration, then he can start with Homeopathy for same which can not only control blood sugar in a better way but also reduce the need of conventional medicines gradually.

In a second scenario if a person is taking high blood pressure conventional medicines and is also suffering from fungal infection then anti hypertensive medicines and homeopathy for fungal infection can be continued together

Conventional medicines act on the organ level where as Homeopathy acts on the root level of disease. Hence there is no interaction or interference seen. In difficult diseases like cancer, diabetes, Ankylosing Spondylitis, trigeminal neuralgia, nephrotic syndrome, etc. strategic combination of homeopathic and allopathic medicines is required.

Myth: Homeopathy increases disease initially before showing positive results.

Fact: Homeopathic medicines selected by expert homeopathic physician never shows increase in the disease process. In few cases where patient stops immune-suppressive medicines or steroids abruptly while starting homeopathic medicines, may experience increase in symptoms. This upward spike in disease process is due to abrupt withdrawal of immune-suppressive medicines and not because of homeopathic medicines.

Myth: Homeopathic medicines have steroids or cortisone in it.

Fact: Homeopathic medicines are FDA approved and 100% natural in origin. The process of preparation of homeopathic medicines is absolutely free of any harmful substances or steroids.

Myth: All Homeopathic medicines are same.

Fact: Homeopathic medicines are prepared from more than 3000 natural sources and preserved in the form of liquid (dilutions). These dilutions are added to globules (small white pills which absorbs the liquid) while dispensing. Hence though externally all medicines may look alike, the ingredients vary from patient to patient.

Myth: I took homeopathy from a doctor for long time but did not see good results. I think homeopathy does not work for me.

Fact: Different homeopathic physicians have different approach and experience in treating difficult diseases. At Imperial homeopathy with Dr Pankaj Dere’s experience, our advanced medicines and holistic approach, we have effectively treated such cases which were under homeopathic medicines for long time without any significant results.

Myth: There are lots of food restrictions in homeopathic line of treatment.

Fact: There are no food restrictions as far as homeopathic medicines are concerned. Patients can take garlic, onion, tea coffee by keeping a gap of 30 minutes with homeopathic medicines. However we suggest disease related food restrictions in every case.

Myth: Homeopathy is placebo therapy.

Fact: Various researches across the world have proven that homeopathy works as a Nanoscience. The Arndt Schultz law also proves the fundamental concept of Homeopathy. As per World Health Organization, homeopathy is the second largest used medicines in world.

The efficacy of this therapy is verified by thousands of homeopathic physicians and confirmed by millions of patients worldwide. Homeopathy not only works in humans but also in animals and plants which proves that it is not a placebo therapy.

At Imperial Homeopathy we have hundreds of documented results in the form of before after photos, case studies, video testimonials of our patients which rubbish this myth.

Myth: Diagnosis of disease is not required in homeopathy.

Fact: Diagnosis, physical examination and investigations plays an important role in deciding homeopathic line of treatment. At Imperial Homeopathy we take all these things into consideration for providing proper diet counseling, life style and stress management techniques, etc.

Myth: Homeopathic medicines cannot be given in Diabetic patients.

Fact: Homeopathic medicines can be safely taken by diabetic patients without worrying about increase in blood sugar levels. On the contrary diabetes and it’s complications can be better controlled by introduction of homeopathic medicines in the treatment protocol.