Imperial Homeopathy Mission

Our mission at Imperial Homeopathy Clinics is to evolve superior world standards in Homeopathic practice and make it available to our patients during their journey from disease to positive health.  

We strive hard to improve the potential of homeopathic treatment by combining advance German medicines and holistic approach for faster, safer and effective recovery.

Our existing patients across the globe know Imperial Homeopathy clinics as Genuine, Honest and Ethical health care service provider. We value integrity, honesty, dedication, commitment, and accountability. Our mission is to make the world aware of importance of opinion of an expert homeopath in every existing or new disease detected on earth. Subsequently our mission is to spread the benefits of homeopathy to as many people in the world as possible; at an affordable cost.

We incorporate holistic approach in our line of treatment so that our patients come to know about the maintaining factors (faulty diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, etc) of their disease so that they can overcome it with our individualized holistic health advice. We not only treat the diseases, but also counsel our patients with Preventive measures for various diseases. Thus we believe in healthy society healthy nation concept.

Five points why to upgrade your health care to Imperial Homeopathy.

1) No over promising - We give genuine and honest medical advise when our patients ask us about the role of homeopathy in their diseases. This advise is based on Dr. Pankaj Dere's 15 years of experience, analysis of our medical records and research based data. We know that every line of treatment has limitation and so does homeopathy. In cases like hernia, Intestinal obstruction, perforated peritonitis, cardiac emergencies we ask our patients to go for life saving conventional medicines or surgeries. 

2) We give preference to ethical value rather than commercial values - We follow ethics when it comes to giving right medical advise to our patients. e.g. In male pattern baldness we give our clear opinion that we can only control further hair fall and new hair growth on bald area is not possible. In chronic case of Diabetes we do not promise complete cure (which is not possible in any medicine) but a very good control over blood sugar. 

3) Our aim is your faster and complete recovery - Based on our experience and expertise we try to give you the best line of treatment so that you experience a complete recovery within the stipulated time. We call this a state of Positive Health where there is complete recovery, no relapse, immunity and stress coping mechanism improves and sense of calmness is achieved.