Positive Health, Not only symptoms free life.

Our aim – Positive Health.

Positive Health means complete health or a state of optimal health and not just absence of symptoms for shorter duration. A patient when attain positive health, experience following changes.

1)      Permanent / long term relief in disease.

2)      Healthier body functions (sleep, digestion, menses etc)

3)      Improvement in immunity.

4)      Improvement in stress coping mechanism and better state of mind.

5)      No relapse of disease (90% of chronic diseases).

Negative health means a patient suffering from a chronic disease.

Neutral health is when a patient is free from symptoms for shorter duration but is not thriving well.

Most of the health care systems today aim for taking patient from negative health to neutral health which is a state where patient is free from symptoms but not thriving well at the body and mind level. However ideal health care is one which focuses on positive health and look after their patients as an individual rather than just a diseased part.


Positive Health at Imperial Homeopathy.

For taking our patients from negative health to Positive Health, we have our unique aproach that includes advanced German medicines and tailor-made holistic approach ( Counseling, Dietary advice, stress management, lifestyle modifications, yoga etc ).

 At Imperial Homeopathy during your first consultation, every detail related to your disease and state of health (body and mind) are noted and studied in depth. It helps us to identify and treat root cause, maintaining factors, risk factors, trigger factors of disease. Thereafter based on our analysis, a homeopathic line of treatment and tailor made holistic approach is designed. It helps our patients to get free from disease and experience positive health. Thus our aim at Imperial Homeopathy is to bring our patient to state of positive health.


 Positive Health – The future concept

Positive health is an emerging concept gradually being accepted by the leading health care organizations in world. This concept is spawned from Positive Psychology which is now an innovative, modern and highly regarded field of psychology.

In 1998, Martin E.P. Seligman, President of made American Psychological Association said that psychology should not work only to fix people’s mental disorders, but should encourage people to thrive – to flourish – to live above and beyond the neutral threshold of just getting by. Seligman further added that there is a difference between waking up in the morning, not feeling depressed, and waking up in morning, feeling refreshed, energetic, and enthusiastic.

Positive Health uses this same concept of being healthy in all aspects and thrive well rather than just to be free from symptoms for a while.

Definition of Health by World Health Organization

World health organization (WHO) also focus on positive health with its definition of health which is as mentioned below,

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."