Homeopathy Medicines

Interesting facts about Homeopathic medicines.

1) At present there are more than 4000 medicines in Homeopathy made from Plant, minerals, metal, non metal and animal sources. A homeopathic Physician gives medicines to patients in following form

·        Globules – Medicines are poured onto small round white non medicated pills.

·        Liquid – Medicine is given in the small bottles in liquid form.

·        Powder – Few drops of medicines or small globules are added to non medicated white powder called as sugar of milk, made of sucrose.

·        Tablets – Some medicines are available in form of medicated tablets

So final medicine given by a homeopath may appear same for every patient, but the remedy used in it varies from patient to patient.

2) Homoeopathic medicines are prepared by adopting a unique process of potentisation, through which the toxicity or crude properties of the original substance is removed and its inert medicinal qualities are enhanced.

3) All homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources and are free from harmful chemical.

3) 75% Homeopathic medicines are chiefly made from plant sources. E.g. Arnica (used for skin, hair, internal and external Injuries etc), Ocimum Sanctum (Indian name- Tulsi, used for immunity, asthma and allergy), Pulsatila ( used for female complaints), Ginesing (used for Sexual complaints) etc

4) Some medicines are made from minerals, metals non metals and animal sources etc, e.g. Aurum Metallicum is prepared from Gold, Argentum Metallicum is prepared from silver, Natrum Muriaticum is prepared from natural table salt, and Lachesis medicine is prepared from snake poison.

5) Homeopathic medicines are tested on healthy human being rather than animals. During a scientific process called ‘Drug Proving’ a medicine is given to a group of healthy human and then the symptoms are noted down.

6) Homeopathic medicines are FDA approved.