About Imperial Homeopathy

Meaning of word ‘Imperial’ is superior in quality. Like the name itself the quality of treatment and health care provided at the Imperial homeopathy clinics is superior in terms of the following five aspects.

1)    German Medicines – We use research based advance German medicines for quick, effective, long lasting / permanent relief in chronic diseases. Homeopathy was discovered in Germany and German medicines are considered to be the best in quality in Homeopathic medical science.

2)    ‘Positive Health’ of our patients – At Imperial Homeopathy, while treating our patients for complete/long term recovery, we aim for 'Positive Health' of our patients. Positive health means a state of optimal health wherein patients experience generalized wellbeing after relief in symptoms. E.g. While treating migraine (severe periodical headache) patients, along with relief in migraine pain, patients experience better sleep, improved metabolism, better stress coping and state of calmness. Gradually frequency of migraine episodes reduce to zero i.e. complete cure.

This happens because homeopathic medicine stimulate body's internal healing power. This innate power of healing then take care of the rest. Positive Health is different than only symptomatic relief for short duration which is seen in conventional treatment.

3)    ‘Holistic Approach’ to treat disease - Above said ‘Positive health’ can be achieved by considering holistic approach along with advance homeopathic treatment. Holistic Approach means to advice tailor made (specific to individual patient) health tips along with Homeopathic medicines. These health tips are related to diet, lifestyle management, stress management, hygiene, basic physical exercises, meditation etc. Holistic approach removes maintaining factors of disease. This approach makes the recovery faster without relapse of disease.

e.g. Patients suffering from Hemorrhoids (Piles) are given following holistic health tips,

Dietary changes (not to eat bakery products, avoid meat, spices, difficult to digest food, drink more water, eat high fiber food etc)

Lifestyle management (to have meal on regular time, follow regular bowel habits etc)

Exercise (to reduce weight and help better movement of intestines)

Others (Not to strain for stools, not to sit for long time to pass stools)

When patients follow these instructions, maintaining factors of piles get checked and recovery gets faster. Thus holistic approach, practiced at Imperial homeopathy reduces period of course of treatment saving your hard earned money.

4) Online treatment – At Imperial Homeopathy we have ‘In-clinic’ and ‘on line’ treatment for our patients.

‘In clinic’ treatment - It is a conventional type wherein patients visit us in person as per the appointment schedule given to them.

‘Online’ treatment – With the advent of the internet we enable our patients to start online treatment right from the comfort of their homes. Patients across the globe  contact us through video call/audio call/online website chat/Social media and talk directly to doctors about the disease and its homeopathic treatment. Once their queries are answered, they start Online treatment in 3 easy steps.

1)    Sign up for treatment – Through secured payment options like Internet banking, Mobile application, PayPal, NEFT etc.

2)    Submit Health questionnaire – We send them a health questionnaire, which is easy to understand. Patients fill up this questionnaire and submit it along with relevant medical reports.

3)    Receive medicines anywhere in world - Once the questionnaire is studied, Dr. Pankaj Dere and his team of doctors go through the details and prescribe medicines. Medicines are then dispatched to our patient’s postal address. We use Indian registered mail for our patients outside India and Courier services within India. Most of our existing patients (even within Mumbai) because of busy schedule or inability to visit personally, give us follow ups online and receive their medicines anywhere in world. 

5)  Advance Patient Support System - We help our patient to have clear idea about their disease and homeopathy treatment with the help of our Audio Visual Support. Many patients have misconceptions about their disease, dietary restrictions, homeopathy, homeopathic medicines etc. These doubts and misconcepts are cleared by showing them audio visual presentation in clinic and sharing videos and latest updates with patients starting with Online treatment. Having clear idea about the disease reduces amount of mental stress and patients develop positive attitude towards their health.
With our patient support system, patients are given latest medical updates about their disease and reminders about upcoming appointment.

Thus our patients receive superior quality of medicines, honest efforts from doctors for patient’s ‘Positive health’ through ‘Holistic approach’ and genuine health care support system. All in all it makes a superior quality health care experience for our patients during their journey from disease to positive health. This is why the name ‘Imperial’ in Imperial Homeopathy comes.