Dr Pankaj Dere

As per reviews and feedbacks submitted by our patients in India and other countries, Dr Pankaj Dere is a genuine advisor, honest practitioner, a guide for lifestyle related problems, a mind coach, and a humble personality.


Dr Pankaj Dere practices in New Mumbai, India. He has 16 years of experience in treating patients In-Clinic and On-Line (Voice call, video call and through our website). Till date he has treated more than 72000 patients across the globe with success rate of 87%. His patients are from age group 3 months old infant to 91 years old great grandmother. He is a family physician to hundreds of families in India and abroad. He has expertise in treating chronic, rare and difficult diseases, from Eczema to Psoriasis, from allergy to cancer, from anxiety neurosis to ADHD etc. 


Dr Pankaj has treated patients from countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, China, Japan, UAE, Austria, Italy etc. He has treated patients from various faculties such as medical doctors (specialists and super specialists), high profile government officer, scientists, famous drama artists, musicians etc. He is easily accessible to patients from all parts of society. 


Why Dr Pankaj Dere integrated Homeopathy and Holistic approach?

Dr. Pankaj Dere has successfully treated many patients who were not getting desired results in spite of 1-2 yrs treatment from famous Homeopathic Doctors. While studying such cases in depth, Dr. Pankaj came to a conclusion that there are many factors (diet, stress, lifestyle, hygiene, lack of exercise, etc) in patient’s life which are acting as maintaining or triggering cause for disease. These factors were not addressed by concerned Homeopathic physicians and hence either disease kept recurring or did not respond at all. This is why Dr Pankaj Dere integrated Advance Homeopathy and Holistic health care to understand and address the factors disturbing the process of recovery.


How this approach has helped our patients - This integrated approach has helped our patients to have a faster and complete/long lasting recovery. It helps our patients to gain optimum positive health and experience genuine and honest health care at Imperial Homeopathy Clinic. Hence 72% of new patients at Imperial Homeopathy are referred by our existing patients. About 80% of our patients get their family members after having complete relief with treatment. Often, it happens that a complete family (including grandparents, parents and grand children) is under Dr Pankaj Dere’s treatment.


Dr Pankaj Dere as a Teacher – After post graduation Dr Pankaj Dere served as a Homeopathy Consultant and Physiology Lecturer in Dr. G.D. Pol's Homeopathic College and Hospital in New Mumbai for 3 years. He also taught Biostatistics and Research & Development in Homeopathy to Post Graduate students. Dr Pankaj Dere, as a part of community health care service, teaches preventive health care, youth counseling for the students from age 6 to 16 years in various schools of New Mumbai where he is invited as a honorary speaker.  



Dr Pankaj Dere as a researcher – During graduation and post graduation, Dr Pankaj was actively involved in extra mural clinical research for central council of homeopathy. He was a part of many pilot studies carried out during post graduation. He was a part of drug proving program in his medical schools where newly discovered medicines were tested for their patho-physiological action. Even during his practice, Dr Pankaj Dere is actively involved in research. There are following 4 patent awaiting research based medicines under his name, which are highly effective than regular homeopathic medicines.

1) HairGro Serum – effective for all types of hair fall

2) Pilorex Pills – effective for piles and fissure

3) DermaCare – effective for various types of skin issues.

4) FatEase – Effective for obesity.



Awards – Dr Pankaj Dere was awarded by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in 2002 for scoring distinction grades in subject Homeopathic Materia Medica ( Study of Homeopathic medicines ). In the year 2003 he was awarded as ‘Best Student of the year’ on the basis of his performance in academic and extracurricular activities. Dr Pankaj Dere was one of the few students all over Maharashtra, who cleared first to final year (4 ½ years) of medical school without failure in any medical subject. During his tenure as a Lecturer in medical college of new Mumbai, he was nominated as Best Teacher in the year 2008.  


Dr Pankaj Dere as a Social health care activist – As a social health care activist, Dr Pankaj Dere is concerned about community health. He feels responsible towards society’s health and he takes efforts to make community aware about preventive health care. Dr Pankaj Dere’s Imperial Homeopathy has been a health care partner for various schools in New Mumbai. He along with his team under the name ISHA (Integrated Student's Health Approach) carried out preventive medical checkups of thousands of students in those schools. He also guided thousands of students about preventive health care, healthy habits, youth counseling etc by conducting seminars in schools. Students and parents were also given print outs of the preventive health care tips based on their health checkups. Dr Pankaj Dere has organized free health check up and medicines distribution camps for the needy people.  

As a part of social cause, Dr Pankaj Dere offers concession in Consultation charges to senior citizen, defense personnel and people residing below poverty line. 

Medical Education - Dr Pankaj Dere did graduation from Jawaharlal Nehru Homeopathic Institute Amravati. After graduation he got selected in India's one of the best institute Dr M L Dhawle Homeopathy Hospital at Palghar in Mumbai, for higher Homeopathic studies. Dr M L Dhawle institute is recognized by Ministry of Ayush (Government of India) as 'Centre of Excellence' in Homeopathy. For three years of his M.D. (post graduation) he studied homeopathy with Mumbai's best Homeopathic Physicians. He underwent vigorous training in different hospital department like Dermatology and Trichology (Skin and Hair), Rheumatology ( dedicated for rheumatic Arthritis) Orthopedic department ( Joints and Spine) Pediatric department ( Children) Gynecology ( Female health ) Psychiatry department and General medicines department ( Digestion, hormonal issues etc).


Thus during his 8 and half years long academic journey he studied and treated simple diseases like allergy to chronic, rare and difficult diseases like cancer, in various medical fields.


Based on his experience and the expertise, Dr Pankaj Dere was selected as a Medical officer in Government of India's number one PSU Oil and Natural Gas Corporation where he looks after employee strength of more than 3000.