As a mother now I am carefree for my son’s health issue. Thank you Imperial Homeopathy for curing recurrent throat infection of my child.

Master VN, 5 yrs was brought to Imperial Homeopathy clinic by his mother. He was suffering from recurrent throat infection and cold since he was a year old. During his visit also he had severe cold.

His mother was much stressed up for him as he being the only child in family. Due to recurrent infection his physical development in terms of weight and height was hampered. While searching for the treatment options on internet his mother came across She discussed the problem with doctors at imperial homeopathy over the phone and then got Master VN in month of May 2013.

During case taking all the details related to his complaints, food and water

d on the information and physical examination, he was given 15 days medintake, digestion, sleep, personality type were noted down.


His cold responded well with the treatment within 3 days. He did not require antibiotics.

His mother followed all instructions given by Doctors and gave her son regular medicines.

Every time she came for the feedback, there were necessary changes made in medicines. She mentioned that recent change in weather (summer to rainy) has not affected him. It was first time she experienced this in last 2 years. Now even having ice cream was not affecting his throat much.

Within 3 months of treatment master VN was more than 90% better. According to her mother he did not have cold n throat infection in last one and half month.

His mother was very happy to inform that his appetite has increased and he has gained 3 kgs weight.

Last time when master VN reported in July 2013, he was accompanied by his father, grandparents to thank Dr. Pankaj Dere for this overall improvement.