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Is my skin eczema curable?

Yes. Scientificaly designed line of treatment helps achieving normal skin and no relapse.

How Imperial Homeopathy treats Eczema?

Advanced medicines corrects immunity, the root cause of eczema reducing itching followed by size of the lesions. Result is normal, clear skin.

But I have taken Homeopathic medicines earlier, with no relief.

Every Homeopath has different expertise, experience & approach toward a case. At Imperial Homeopathy our advanced medicines and M.D.(Hom) physician’s more than 10 years of experience has helped our patients in substantial recovery.

Will I be ever able to stop my steroid/ conventional medicine?

YES. Once Homeopathic medicines starts showing positive changes (within 3-6 weeks), gradualy requirement of Cortisone (steroid) medicines reduces even to zero.

How long shall I require treatment at Imperial Homeopathy?

It depends upon duration and spread of eczema, genetic predisposition, general health, stress levels etc. Overall it may take 4 to 8 months. You may experience initial positive response in 3-6 weeks

Are Homeopathic medicines safe?

Our advanced homeopathic medicines are 100% natural, chiefly herbal and completely safe even for 6 months old baby.

What is the rate of success at Imperial Homeopathy?

Biostaticaly speaking success rate at Imperial Homeopathy is more than 70% – 80%

Case study of eczema – I am happy that I can wear sandals again after tremendous recovery in eczema over my feet.

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