Pain in head is the commonest illness we encounter in day to day life. In this article we will discuss about migraine headache and its homeopathic treatment.


What is Migraine? 

It may be described as a periodic or episodic, sudden or paroxysmal headache which affects one side of head and associated with nausea, vomiting, blurring of vision and giddiness.

In few cases this typical presentation is not seen where it can affect both sides of head and associated symptoms may not be present.

This type of headache is usually intensely painful and a single episode may last from half an hour to couple of days.


Causes of Migraine: 

Migraine is a vascular disease that is disease affecting blood vessels. It affects carotid artery (a major blood vessel which supplies blood to head , neck and brain) producing constriction and dilatation leading to throbbing or congestive headache.

Triggering factors may be in the form of emotional stress, hunger, environmental factors like suns heat, lack of sleep, hormonal changes during menses, etc. which may differ from person to person.

Two third of the cases shows hereditary factors where migraine runs in family.

Hormonal factors are also responsible as migraine is seen more in

females as compared to males.


Symptoms of Migraine: 

Migraine headache is described differently by different people. Most common experience is typical throbbing, bursting, hammering, pulsating or shattering pain.

Usually pain starts at one point and tends to radiate to other place. For example pain starts at the nape of neck and radiates to vertex or forehead and settles over eyes.

Most of the times pain is associated with nausea and vomiting. Vomiting often relieves the pain. Pain is so intense in many cases that person becomes sensitive to light, noise, smell, motion, etc and is relieved by sleeping in dark undisturbed room.

The episodes of migraine may vary from once a week to once in 2-3 months. Pain may be periodic like daily, once a week, monthly or irregular at any time.


Diagnosis of Migraine: 

Diagnosis of migraine is done based on signs and symptoms by an experienced practitioner. No special investigations are required to diagnose migraine.

Migraine and other types headaches:

Cluster headache, temporal arteritis, Glaucoma, meningitis, hypertension, etc are some of the similar types of headaches.


Homeopathic treatment for migraine: 

Strongly recommended in all cases of migraine. Homeopathy offers effective long term relief from pain. Treats the disease at root level. Treats all round causes of migraine giving permanent solution in more than 80 to 90% of cases.

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